Dodge the Toxins!

Who wouldn’t want to avoid toxins? While this may seem obvious, toxins often are hiding in plain sight in our daily life.

One of the most obvious places toxins are hiding is in all nicotine products. Breaking this addiction is critical to having a healthy immune system. It has been proven that cigarettes and other nicotine products have negative impacts on lung and heart health, as well as reducing circulation throughout the body. If you have never tried these products, please do not start! Your body will thank you.

In less obvious places, toxins can be found on the pesticides on food we eat, and in the artificial sugars in the beverages we drink. These both have a negative impact on the healthy bacteria in our intestinal tract, which help protect us from foreign invaders. A significant loss of these bacteria has been shown to severely increase the chances of a stomach flu or intestinal infection. Try to opt for clean, organic foods which your body is adapted for and knows how to break down!