When it comes to flu and cold season, common sense tends to dictate the methods of prevention.  Wash your hands, eat healthy, exercise, clean surfaces – it’s all old-hat.  Instead, let’s take a quick look at five unique tips for staying healthy during cold and flu season.

Get a Massage

This one might sound like an excuse to get some much needed alone time, but getting a massage does wonders to a person’s blood circulation. The better a person’s blood is circulating, the better his or her cells will stay nourished with oxygen and blood.  This can decrease a person’s chances of being a germ magnet.

Take Part in Sweating

Hit the gym or hop in the sauna to get those beads rolling!  Sweating helps push out toxins from the body, which allows the body to focus its efforts on ramping up its immune system and fighting off nasty bugs.

Reduce Stress through Meditation

Although the word still conjures up images of chanting, cross-legged monks for most of us, meditation is a simple exercise advocated by many modern health practitioners.  Meditation helps calm the senses and restore the body to a natural state of balance, which in turn helps the body to steer clear of infections.

Eat Some Fungi

Mushrooms are tasty on their own or mixed in with other foods. And best of all, they are great at protecting a person against the flu and colds. Mushrooms contain high amounts of selenium and beta glucan – both important in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Alcohol or No Alcohol

During cold and flu season, it’s best to avoid consuming alcohol because it messes with the quality of sleep a person gets. On the other hand, alcohol is an effective sanitizer, so when a person runs out of hand sanitizing spray or wipes, it can be just as effective to pour a little alcohol on his or her hands as well as any surfaces that may be infected.

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