Many of today’s most revered remedies and holistic ideologies began in ancient Ayurvedic customs.  Thousands of years after ancient Indians discovered the importance of holistic well-being, Western culture is just beginning to understand the power of natural remedies, holistic treatments, and adaptogens.The first adaptogens were probably discovered by ancient Ayurvedic physicians thousands of years ago.  Through a combination of mimicking animal behavior, intuition, and simply trial and error, the ancients came to understand the healing properties of the natural world.  Over centuries, this information was passed through the experience of Ayurvedic practitioners and their pupils.

Ayurveda, in its most basic sense, means the “science of life.”  It is the science of health and self-realization, through the balance within and among the physical, emotional, and spiritual self.  Each person’s ideal state of balance relies on many factors and is unique to each individual.  Ayurveda, then, empowers a person with the knowledge of this balance, and helps us achieve it through a vast collection of tools and concepts.  Although the concepts of Ayurveda are too vast to cover in an online blog, the tenets of balance and holistic wellness help us (over)simplify the main principles of Ayurveda.

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