The tenets of balance and holistic wellness underscore every principle of the ancient practice of Ayurveda.  Adaptogens, as a path to wellness, take root in these ancient principles. 

Long before western science discovered the incredible healing properties of adaptogens, Ancient India regarded herbal remedies among the most sacred Ayurvedic traditions.  A cornerstone of Ayurvedic practices, the Sanskrit phrase Rasāyana embodies the concept of adaptogens.  Comprising the tools and practices used to maintain holistic wellness, Rasāyana literally translates to “path of essence.”

Unique to each individual, essence is a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  Essence represents the ideal state of being for each individual, not a quantitative measure like cholesterol levels.

However, an essence can be individually understood through introspection and nourished through Rasāyana.  Adaptogens, as a component of Rasāyana, help nourish the individual essence by adapting to the unique needs of the individual.  These herbs work to both identify and restore an ideal state of balance, rather than simply enhancing a function of the body.

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