Staying in good health should be everyone’s top priority, but is sometimes overshadowed and forgotten by overtime hours, emotional stress, and poor diet decisions. Your immune system works around the clock to keep you healthy, but sometimes it gets overwhelmed—letting you down  when you least expect it.

Because stress is linked with your immune system, your immune system is at its weakest when you need it to be at its strongest! So, how can you boost your immune system to stay strong and keep you healthy when you need it most?

Good question. There are many different ways.. 

First Way: Reduce Your Chronic Stress!

Being mindful of your mental health can make tremendous strides at protecting yourself from sickness. While occasional stress can be very healthy, chronic stress is the most dangerous type.

Chronic stress is stress lasting over time and has been linked with all sorts of sickness in many different studies. High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, have been correlated with high levels of inflammation, lower quality sleep, heart disease, increased chance of illness, chronic fatigue, depression, and countless more illnesses. Perhaps one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is making sure you smile every day.

Chronic stress can be fought in many different ways, often by incorporating new lifestyle changes. Pick up a new hobby! Go for walks on the beach or at your local park! Literally stop and smell the roses! Try to look at your life as a whole and remove or change the things which are causing you stress. Anything that can take your mind off of the stresses of your daily life can have a positive effect on not just your immune system health, but your mental health as well!