The CDC continues to report strong numbers of flu outbreaks, especially in the Northeast.  Fortunately, thousands of companies are still dispensing a simple method of prevention.  Spewed through the atmosphere on electromagnetic radiation, this pseudo-flu-serum flows through every brain and body tissue – completely unnoticeable and ineffectual.  Until you turn the dial on the radio.


With cold & flu season still hitting hard, it’s time to get up and dance.  Music and dance support a healthy immune system by increasing production of endorphins – the brain’s “happy” chemicals.

Endorphins affect both the body and mind to help ease physical pain as well as emotional stress.  These “happy” chemicals have been shown to relax tissue found in the body, opening up passages for antibodies to fight off unwanted bugs.  Music and dance support a healthy immune system by allowing these antibodies to get where they need to be.


Shaking that tail-feather gets the blood flowing, which in turn helps to strengthen the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system is comprised of veins and vessels, and when the blood is flowing well through the system, immunity is boosted.

Music and Singing

Stress hormones weaken the immune system, so a person should always be on the lookout for ways to decrease them. Scientific studies show a person can reduce stress hormones by listening to music, specifically uplifting dance music. Studies also show that participants who listened to music had higher levels of immunoglobin A, which is the front line of defense for a person’s immune system.

Dancing, singing and music are known for making neurochemical reactions take place in the body. When a person takes part in any of these activities, endorphins are released, as well as other types of helpful substances, including natural killer cells. This translates into a happier, healthier person.

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