Body sweating, palms cold, feeling tired, and heavy breathing? Your brain is absorbing every detail in the room. These may be some of the classic symptoms of your body reacting to stress or anxiety!

Most people have experienced this feeling at some point. Whether you’re walking on stage in front of people or anticipating an important test, stress is the worst. Though it may feel unnatural, being “stressed out” is one of the most primal emotions humans have. It’s the same reaction our ancestors would have when being tracked by a lion, or maybe when fighting off a bear with a pointy stick. For people with high stress, therefore tests can feel like a life or death situation— it’s the same chemical response happening in the body! Naturally, stress is seen as something that should be avoided at all costs. However, if you can take control of your stress reaction, it can be a powerful tool to be used. Stress can provide motivation to get tasks done, briefly increase strength performance by stimulating the nervous system, and will help further reinforce better behavior in the future to avoid similar mistakes which got you to this stressful situation in the first place! In my own personal experience, I was a gymnast, and being afraid of landing on my face every day helped to reset my stress response, so small insignificant events, like a pop quiz—which may have provoked a response before—no longer did anymore. Stress can help you grow and learn from your mistakes, so go out and be brave! Don’t be afraid of stress and fear—it will help you to grow to be the best you can possibly be!

— Brought to you by Kare~N~Herbs