Roughly 103 million Americans will travel this holiday season according to AAA. Packing for holiday travel can be less than thrilling. Unless you are a robot, you probably get  stressed out about the small details of traveling. Hopefully, with these travel tips from us here at Kare-N-Herbs we can make your travel a little less stressful and you can arrive at your destination ready to celebrate. When should you start to pack? What things can you do BEFORE a trip to help prepare you? How do you properly pack a suitcase? What should you pack and what should you leave at home? What should you absolutely have to keep the kids and you sane for the long car ride? Last but not least, how the heck do you fit all of that in your car?


      Start getting ready a few days ahead of time. I usually clean out my car 3 days ahead. I like to put a trash can in both rows of the car for the kids to throw items away during the trip. Find all of the car chargers, sunglasses and magazines and put those into order.  The next step is making sure the mountain of laundry is washed, dried and put away BEFORE you start packing. This helps with keeping you organized and making sure that your favorite pair of pants makes it into the bag. Don’t forget to get gas the day before so you do not have to fill up the morning of. Now comes the list…I usually make this list a few days ahead of time and leave it out for the rest of the family to fill in items that they can not forget.


      Properly packing a suitcase can save you a lot of time. The best way to put clothes into a suitcase is to roll the clothes. This prevents creases (that you will just have to iron later) and saves room. I tried this for the first time a few years ago, it took some time, but it did make a huge difference for how much you can fit into a suitcase. Next, use plastic vacuum compression bags to hold bulky items like snow pants, jackets and blankets. You can use the same vacuum bags to store your dirty laundry while you are on vacation. Place all of your jewelry in a pill container so they do not tangle together. ALWAYS buy any travel sized cosmetic products that you can. This will save a ton of room.There’s no point in trying to fit the entire contents of your medicine cabinet into your holiday suitcase. Choose a more sensible approach by selecting only the most essential drugs. Don’t pack more than one pill sheet of each type of medicine — this will suffice to deal with any emergency. To keep your medicines safe, put them inside sandwich bags and place the bags inside the packed shoes. Remember to pack all five of our Kare-N-Herbs products for your trip. Kold Kare® in case someone is feeling “under the weather.” Immune Kare® for daily usage (this is important for traveling when you could potentially be around a lot of germs.) Energy Kare® after you have had to drive and then rush to the in laws for holiday festivities. Tranquility Kare® for that long car ride. Don’t forget your Kare-N-Liver® to take care of you after your many holiday festivities.  If you are carrying breakable items, such as perfume, pack it in a sock and then put it in a shoe. I remember one year, over the holiday travel, my glass perfume bottle broke open and spilled all over my clothes, shoes and bag. It smelled horrible!  Make sure if you will be stopping at a hotel for the night to pack a “go” bag so that you can just grab one bag and not all of your bags. Your go bag will have an outfit and pair of pajamas for each person and any other necessities you will need for your hotel stay.  You should add up how many days you will be going and add two additional outfits for each person  for any issues that may happen over the trip. Don’t let your kids or husband pack for themselves and don’t forget the underwear!!


      Traveling in the car with the kids can be even worse than the packing. I try to start organizing a few days ahead of time. I love the backseat organizer that you can find on Amazon. backseat organizer


They can keep their drinks, snacks and toys in one place. For really long trips, make travel binders. I really love the ones from https://www.iheartnaptime.net/road-trip-games/ and also https://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/. You can also add a plastic pencil case into the binder with pencils, crayons and markers for the kids to have everything in one place. My kids love to have a scavenger hunt or an I spy game in the car. It keeps them entertained for hours. Put small toys in a zip-lock bag to keep everything in one place and keep the kiddos busy. I like to let the kids pack their own zip lock bag so they can have what they like in it and that makes them responsible.  Food and drinks on the trip can be more expensive than gas, especially if you have a few kids. I like to pack snacks and drinks for the ride so that we only have to stop for bathroom breaks, gas and meals. I usually try to stop at the same time for all of these things. It saves a lot of time. Pack a cooler with juices, milks and waters. Tackle boxes make great snack holders to have different snacks in each compartment for each kid.  Don’t forget to pack a to go first aid kit. Grab a ziplock bag. Put in tissues, sanitizer, bandaids and neosporin just in case of accidents.


Last but not least, how the heck do you get everything in your car? My husband is the ultimate packer. I really don’t know how he does it. Make sure you always pack the day before to give yourself enough time to rearrange. You want to leave enough room to bring items back, especially if you are going home for Christmas. I remember our first Christmas as a family of 3, we had to rent a Uhaul trailer to carry all of the gifts back home. That was a trip!  You should have already cleaned out your car for the road ahead by this point. Your “go” bags go under each person’s seat to make sure that it is easily accessible. Under the passenger seat (usually me) I like to keep a bag for myself with magazines and such to keep myself busy. In the glove box compartment we like to keep the first aid kit, chargers, sunglasses and napkins. The food and cooler should go behind the glove box so that the kids in the back and the passenger can easily grab something out. Put each of the kids’ backseat organizers in front of their seats with the activity books inside. The back of the car is for luggage. We usually have 2-3 suitcases for clothes and shoes in our family depending on where we are going. If you don’t have a lot of room in your trunk, a roof organizer can be an inexpensive option. Check out this one i found on Amazon..713qgSzxlaL._SL1428_


When your perfume breaks, the kids are crying and you realize you forgot everyone’s underwear, remember to take a breath. A simple change of attitude will help you get through the holidays and create lasting memories.