When April showers bring May flowers, a Spring breeze may make you start to sneeze!

Having been trapped indoors for so long from the cold winter and the pandemic, you may start to notice that your allergies are worse this year than they have been. With your mask on all spring last year, many think that allergies may be more aggressive this year. While there are many things to do to cure your itchy eyes, swollen sinuses, and poor sleep, we at Kare~N~Herbs have curated a list of techniques for you to get over your allergies and get outside in the warm weather!

1. Wear a Mask!
While it may be a little disheartening to put a mask back on, wearing a mask in high pollen conditions works extremely well for filtering out allergens! Surgical masks and KN95’s are both excellent choices to limit your pollen exposure, as pollen is much bigger than the coronavirus and will certainly stick to the outside of your mask. With the ending of the pandemic, you probably have many left over that you don’t have any use for anymore, so if you’re feeling particularly congested, throw one on and see how much it can help!

2. Purify Your Air!
Even indoors, you are not safe from pollen. Opening a window can introduce pollen into your home and can be very difficult to clean up. There are many air purifiers online that you can purchase for this very reason–– for relatively cheap–– that will help filter through your air. Air humidifiers have been shown to help as well, especially with the addition of essential oils to the air such as eucalyptus or mint. These can help open your sinuses up better. Give it a try!

3. Over the Counter (OTC) Medication!
Pollen allergies are a massive problem for many people, and drug companies have developed first, second, and third-generation allergy medication to help you through the allergy season. These drugs, known as antihistamines, block the action of histamine within the body–– known to be responsible for the inflammatory feeling and itchiness. There are many to choose from! Among us at Kare~N~Herbs, we recommend the third-generation antihistamines, such as Xyzal and Zyrtec, as these generally cause the least amount of drowsiness. However, these can be somewhat pricey, so Benadryl and Claritin are a close second! Just make sure that you’re not getting sleepy when in dangerous conditions!

Furthermore, fluticasone, the drug in Flonase, is a highly effective allergy medication that is administered via nasal mist. If it does not work after your first use, do not worry! Fluticasone generally takes about a week to begin to work. For emergency allergy relief, other vasoconstrictor OTC medications are available such as Afrin. While this nasal spray works incredibly well, Afrin generally should not be used daily, as your body tends to develop a tolerance to the medication, causing a “rebound effect” if you stop taking it–– Making you even more congested than when you started!

4. Our very-own Kold Kare!
If severe allergies develop seemingly overnight, you may not be having allergies at all! As you get outdoors, diseases can make their way into your body and cause allergy-like symptoms, including congestion, headaches, fatigue, and more. To help your body fight off invasion faster, and to protect yourself from getting sick on top of having allergies, we recommend giving our Kold Kare a try! Our customers even say it can eliminate their allergy headaches!

Give it a try, and let us know how Kold Kare helps you!

Stay safe and healthy,

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