One of Mother Nature’s most successful children are the plants. Since plants entirely lack offensive potential––since they cannot think, run away, see, or feel when there is an attacker around them––plants have focused entirely on defense to win. Considering the massive number of plants there are on the “green” planet, plant’s strategy to focus on defense is clearly a good one! Plants’ strategy to protect themselves by creating potent chemicals to keep them safe from their attackers. Caffeine, for example, is a natural insecticide found in many plants which paralyses bugs. Since we have very different bodies than bugs, we can use this plant’s defense to our advantage! Of all the prescription drugs in use today, roughly 70% of them were discovered by studying the defense mechanisms of plants, such as aspirin, opioids, and even chemotherapy drugs. By extracting these defensive chemicals used in plants, we can recruit these players to our team, and boost our own defense!


The Adaptogen Experts at Kare~N~Herbs

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