Finding balance is the one true key to a happy, prosperous life. If you don’t think so, don’t take my word for it! The need for balance is found in every religion and across every society. Within Taoist philosophy, yin and yang represent two opposites perfectly balanced–– creating a whole. Yin and yang are the push and pull that form ocean waves, they are the elements of dark and light that paint the perfect sunset, and they are fine lines between wakefulness and sleepiness that our bodies need to operate properly.

As you may expect, our bodies are seeking balance constantly. Living things are quite sensitive–– where proteins, enzymes, and cells all need very specific conditions to carry out their jobs properly. Internal temperature, electrolyte levels, hormone levels, and more need to be perfect. Luckily, your body can mostly take care of this for you. Entire organ systems are devoted to balance, such as the kidneys, liver, and pancreas. However, when your body needs help, it can be quite vocal. Perhaps you crave salt when your sodium levels are low, or you get hungry when you haven’t eaten enough calories. Maybe you want nothing more than a cold shower on a scorching day, or a glass of hot cocoa after shoveling snow. Physical feelings like these are your body telling you it needs help maintaining the balance.

Beyond the physical, the mind requires balance just as much as the body. Your social life, personal life, and career life all need to be balanced properly for your mind to be happy and healthy. If you are putting too much emphasis on your job, you may find yourself craving time with others, just like your body hungers for food. When social for too long, you may find that you crave time by yourself. Even if you are spending the proper amount of time with friends and alone, without a balanced career life, you may feel your life is devoid of purpose! Your mind is constantly sending you signals to keep the balance, just like the body. From the mind, however, these signals are called emotions.

Often, however, emotions may not be so clear. Imbalances within the mind can take many forms, such as depression, anxiety, lethargy, and mental cloudiness. Without proper intervention, these signals can even lead to stronger emotions! Those who suffer from depression or anxiety, for example, may remove themselves from social situations unconsciously–– even if social interaction is exactly what they need. This may further exacerbate their situation and make the imbalance signals stronger, worsening their depression and anxiety. This spiral downward requires outside intervention. How then, can it be stopped?

Dating back to the practices of Ayurveda in India and medicine in China, adaptogens have been the answer to restoring balance in the body and mind. Two such herbs, Rhodiola rosea and Ashwagandha, have been used for thousands of years to address symptoms of imbalance in the body. Rhodiola rosea alleviates fatigue and mental cloudiness, and Ashwagandha has been shown scientifically to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Together, these two adaptogens can work in synergy, and provide powerful benefits to those who take them. Through the alleviation of the symptoms of mental imbalance with these two herbs, you can expect to feel a relieving mental clarity.

Whether this mental clarity is used to excel at your career goals, to motivate you to start new personal hobbies, or to find the confidence to be the life of the party, the mental clarity from the combination of the Rhodiola rosea in our Energy Kare and the Ashwagandha in our Tranquility Kare will surely help you bring balance back to your life!

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