What if I told you there was a scientifically proven way to slow down how fast you get old? What if I told you that there was one SINGLE way you could keep your immune system young, your skin wrinkle-free, and add years on to your life––all with one trick? Well, it’s no trick, it’s proven science! But, in order to understand how to slow down the clock of aging, you’re going to need a little bit of a genetics lesson, so pay attention!

As you probably know, in order to stay healthy, almost all the cells in your body have to regenerate. They do this by dividing––One cell splits into two, two cells each split into four, and so on. They keep this up in order to replace your older cells or the dying cells, so that you can heal and grow.

Inside of each of these cells, there’s a two-meter-long tiny string called DNA, bunched and wound up so tight that it can fit in a microscopic cell. The DNA holds the blueprints and instructions how to make you who you are! Every single one of your cells keeps the same exact copy of DNA. Every time a cell wants to split into two, it has to make a new exact copy of its DNA. If your cells could divide forever without stopping, you would never age!

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Every time your cells divide, there’s a little bit on the ends of your DNA that isn’t copied, solely because of how DNA copying works (It’s complicated, but trust me on this). Losing DNA is very dangerous, because your cells would forget the blueprints for important functions.

Your body knows that this happens, luckily. So, your DNA is fitted with extra useless DNA attached on the ends of them. These are called telomeres. Every time your cells divide, they chomp down on the telomeres little by little. As you get older, your telomeres get shorter and shorter. This is not a problem––until cells run out of telomeres to chomp off.

When there is no more telomere left in a cell, that cell can never divide again. It’s programmed not to, so that the blueprint DNA is not damaged. That cell either dies off, or it becomes a “zombie” of sorts. As you can imagine, cells that cannot regenerate are not healthy cells to have. Unfortunately, telomere shortening is natural, like a ticking clock in each of our cells––counting down the days.

But what if we could make our telomeres grow longer? That brings us to the 1980’s, when scientists noticed something strange about pond scum. Tetrahymena, the little critters that make up pond scum, are immortal. It seemed that when they divided, their telomeres would get longer! How is this possible? Could pond scum really hold the secret to reversing aging in humans?

Elizabeth Blackburn identified the protein telomerase, the enzyme that could literally lengthen telomeres. She soon after won a Nobel Prize for her work. It was later found that telomerase was found in humans as well! Unlike the pond scum, however, telomerase hardly ever came out from the blueprints of the DNA, becoming a protein. It only comes out in small amounts in your cells, every so often.

So, I’m sure you’ve done the math, and you’re wondering, how can I boost telomerase in my own cells, so that I will never become old? Can I go get a shot and turn 25 years old again? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and simplifying it that much can be very dangerous. Maybe in the future we’ll be immortal, but for now, the one sure way to boost telomerase and slow cellular aging is by lowering your stress!

It really is crazy to think about. You really do have a lasting effect on your individual cells, down to the DNA, just by how you live your life. Chronic stress has been shown to reduce telomerase significantly in your cells, consequently shortening your telomeres faster than normal due to the heightened level of cortisol in the body. Looking at people who have had stress all their lives, they may get wrinkles on their skin a lot earlier than other people their age or may be more susceptible to diseases. Shortened telomeres are linked with countless of diseases, such as cancer and organ damage––having a profound effect on especially the immune system. When pathogens attack, your body has to be able to quickly divide cells to fight the battles, but if there are not enough cells dividing to keep up, your immune system gets much weaker. The importance on keeping your telomeres as long as possible is critical for healthy aging and staying healthy well into your later years of life. Stressors must be reduced as much as possible for you to stay healthy!

Reducing stress is not always easy. Meditation is one method used to keep a cool head in the heat of life and has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on telomere length due to the stress reduction capabilities. Another way to lower stress is to try the adaptogens of Kare~N~Herbs–– particularly the ashwagandha in our Tranquility Kare packages. Ashwagandha has been proven to have potent effects by lowering cortisol levels in people with stress. Since cortisol is responsible for the suppression of telomerase, ashwagandha may have a very positive effect on the telomere length in people who have chronic stress!

Stress is your enemy. In order to live a long, healthy, prosperous life, telomeres must be taken care of. Do not let stress corrupt your DNA! Keep your telomeres healthy! Try Tranquility Kare today to combat your stress today!

With Love,

The Adaptogen Experts at Kare~N~Herbs

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