Sugar has been a topic of debate lately, and for a good reason. Just lately the scientific opinion on if sugar is healthy or not has switched. Newsflash: It is not healthy in excess!

When you eat a bunch of sugar, your body’s blood sugar levels spike. The most dangerous type of sugar is free-form sugar, such as in Laffy Taffy’s or soda. This has been shown in recent studies to severely compromise your immune system, making it easier for viruses and bacteria to make you sick.

Next time you reach for the candy, try to eat only a couple at a time, if at all!

Alcoholic beverages spike blood sugar levels in a similar way, causing a drop in immune function. A glass of wine may have just as many calories as a can of Coca-Cola!

The key to this is that these things should be best enjoyed in moderation, as all things should.

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