There are around twenty quintillion living things on the planet. That’s two with nineteen zeroes–– a terrifyingly large number. Of the twenty quintillion animals on earth, around eight billion are humans. Through some simple math, the odds of you being born a human rather than a ladybug, a fish, or anything else is one in 40,000,000,000. While hard to picture, the odds of you being born a human are comparable to going to the store and buying two lottery tickets–– and both winning the Multimillion Jackpot. With odds like those, you should consider it a miracle that you’re human at all!

Despite their blessing from nature, many people today continue not to take care of their bodies. People continue to fuel their bodies with poor nutrition. People continue to stay up all night, denying their bodies the restorative power of sleep you need. Most scarily, almost 20% of the United States population lives with chronic anxiety–– one of the silent killers of the modern era.

Though it may be hard to picture, anxiety is vital to survive and is a necessary biological function. If we could eliminate all anxiety and stress from our life, we would not be productive at all. In fact, anxiety is the primary reason we can get out of bed in the morning, as the anxiety-inducing hormone cortisol is released to give us a morning jolt to start the day. Cortisol is also released whenever you perceive a threat or a significant event. It narrows your field of view, allowing for intense focus and rapid learning. It increases your heart rate and vascular flow, rerouting blood from the unessential digestive system to the muscles. Most amazingly, however, the cortisol released from stress changes the action of the immune system.

When your body is in a situation that it perceives as life or death, as is the case with strong anxiety, the last thing it needs to deal with is getting sick. When you are anxious, your immune system kicks into overdrive. Rather than using the intelligence of the immune system, known as B-Cells–– which fights the enemy and learn how to fight them off in the future–– the body utilizes T-Cells, which use toxic chemicals to keep the enemy from doing a total takeover of the body. While useful in short periods of time, T-Cells often cannot take care of the pathogen entirely on their own and need the B-Cells’ support to rid them completely. In people that are chronically stressed, B-Cells are not activated until too late. Eventually, the pathogen can beat the T-Cells and you can become very sick. There are two methods to avoid this catastrophe: Either you must support your immune system so that your T-Cells can keep on fighting off the pathogen, or you must find a way to destress yourself so that your B-Cells can activate and take down the enemy.

Luckily for you, Kare~N~Herbs has the answer to both. To fight off anxiety, Tranquility Kare is the answer. Tranquility Kare is our proprietary standardized Ashwagandha, an herb known for centuries to lower stress and cortisol within the body. Scientific studies with bloodwork have even proven this! To boost the immune system, however, you need Andrographis paniculata, the herb in our Kold Kare. This herb has been known for centuries and has been proven to boost the immune system and fight off infections more effectively within the body. Since they are both adaptogens, both are guaranteed to be safe and act in synergy if taken together!

Take control of your stress and your immune system together with Kold Kare and Tranquility Kare!


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