The 2019 strain of Coronavirus, abbreviated to CoVID-19, was declared a worldwide pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11th, 2020. This was followed by many different countries releasing their locked-up funds to prevent the spread of the disease, and in order to help clinics cope with the massive number of patients. Since the declaration, panic has spread like wildfire across the world. People are scared, stressed, and worried—and for a good reason. This virus deserves to be respected, and all precautionary measures should be taken to stop the spreading of the disease. In times like these, where you are trapped in your home, unable to work, watching the Dow Jones Industrial Average fall hundreds of points in a day, panic and stress is the reaction you should expect. These emotions are normal at first. As time passes, and as you come to terms with your new living situations, your stress levels should begin to even out. This is the healthy way to respond. However, if your stress levels continue to rise, or stay up, this is known as chronic stress.

Chronic stress can take many forms. Many people find themselves muscularly tense, in a panic. Others may have headaches, body aches, and brain fog. All of these are the signs of stress we all know and recognize. However, when these symptoms continue over these long weeks, it can take a dangerous toll on your body. Chronic stress is linked to reduced sleep, dehydration, fatigue, and many mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more. Chronic stress is also known to hurt your immune system’s ability to fight off infections, so fighting stress and the coronavirus may be the same battle! Protecting yourself, your family, and your loved ones from chronic stress may be just as important a battle as CoVID-19 is. Here are some potential ways to protect your home from the chaos of the outside world.

  1. Stay as safe as possible!

While this may seem obvious, keeping your family indoors and shielding them from the virus as much as you can is one of the best ways to stay stress free in your home. When there is a possibility that coronavirus has made its way into your home, it may cause you to stress over it, looking for all the possible signs that the virus may be in the family. By keeping the coronavirus out of the family beyond a shadow of a doubt will certainly keep your head level through these hard times. It is just as important to encourage your community to keep similar behaviors.

Many states now are issuing a Lockdown Order, where the only people allowed to leave are essential business workers, medical personnel, and people looking for groceries. Even in states where this is not mandated, adopting these policies will undoubtedly shield your family from possibly getting sick. Let the healthiest and youngest get the groceries if possible! Cutting any corners on safety can blossom into a whole lot of stress you do NOT need.

  1. Stay distracted.

Watching the news, you may find it seems like the virus is only getting worse. And, this may be! Even though the world outside might be getting worse, since you are safe in your home, there is no need to stress about you or your family’s personal safety. While it is undoubtedly important to stay updated on the news, be sure to find other hobbies to do to keep you distracted. This pandemic is giving you free time unlike you have ever had before! Pick up an instrument, try to learn how to cook, watch that show you’ve been dying to watch, or get lost in a book! Your choices are limitless. The time now is time you can use to get ahead when life swings back around to a new normal. Seeing this as an opportunity for starting something new rather than putting your life on hold can have fantastic effects on your mental health.

  1. Exercise!

If you’re looking for a time to start getting a summer body going, now is the perfect time. You have plenty of time to get in shape before summer weather begins. Furthermore, exercise is proven to prevent chronic stress and can help reduce it. While going out for a run might not be the best idea in these times, staying at home and doing an at home workout can be extremely rewarding!

  1. Try Adaptogens!

 If you’re looking for a proven way to instantly reduce your stress, heighten your energy, boost immunity, and naturally improve your well-being, our Rhodiola rosea extract in our Energy Kare tablets might be exactly what you are looking for! There’s a reason this herb was relentlessly searched for across Asia in ancient times for its effects on health. The root inside is an extremely well-studied and scientifically respected adaptogen, capable of increasing your well-being. The natural molecules in the herb, known as salidrosides and rosavins, may help to reduce stress by increasing the function of your parasympathetic nervous system. This is the part of the body that tells you to calm down when it is time to rest. For people with chronic stress, this can be an essential part of helping your symptoms! Our Rhodiola rosea is of the highest quality, with a standardized percent of active ingredients you can trust. See what it can do for you

We are living through history. The actions taken today by all of us are the actions that could save thousands of lives from this virus. We at Kare~N~Herbs understand this enormous pressure and ask of you to stay strong as we are doing ourselves. For the safety of your own mental health, and the physical health of so many people, please stay indoors––and stay stress free!




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