As any sports fan will tell you, there are two things critical to winning at anything–– Offense and defense. Offense is what puts you in the lead over your opponents, so that you can win in the end. Defense is just as important, holding your position in the lead so that you can end up on top. However, while both are equally important, they strangely do not need to be equal. Offensive potential and defensive ability must only be in balance with one another to win. For example, a sports team can win a game even if their offense is sub-par, as long as their defense is good enough to protect their lead. While team sports and Mother Nature may seem far off from one another, they both share this principle of winning.

In nature, life is in a constant struggle to be the best. Scientists call this “evolution”, but it is nothing more than a struggle to win using offense and defense–– just like team sports. Like any good team, most animals have offensive and defensive abilities. Human beings are particularly successful at life because of our large brains, capable of thinking of offensive strategies to outsmart Mother Nature. However, attackers like bacteria or viruses are so small that we cannot fight them off physically, or even see them! We now need our defense to protect us–– our immune system. The immune system an enormously complicated network of chemicals, cells, and enzymes committed to protecting you at all costs from invaders that end up in your body. These cells will stop at nothing to protect you from losing your lead. While our defensive immune system is powerful, it is fragile, sometimes getting overwhelmed by invaders. To help boost our defense, we have turned back to Mother Nature for help.


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