Chemical Miracle continued from First part of blog

In search of more drugs and more profit, scientists turned their attention back toward nature. They began extracting new drugs from other plants to create new pharmaceuticals. Opioids were extracted from the opium plant, penicillin from the native penicillium fungus, and quinine from the Cinchona plant of South America. It seemed that Mother Nature had all sorts of chemical miracles hidden in her leafy children!

Nowadays, however, modern medicine and nature are further disconnected than ever before. The pharmaceutical industry is so large, and has discovered so many drugs, that it survives without actively discovering new and possibly better chemical miracles. It survives by creating more potent drugs by slightly altering their chemical structure. Hydromorphone, for example, is only extremely slightly different in structure compared to morphine but is five times more potent. In short, the pharmaceutical industry has lost its delicate touch and tends towards more powerful drugs because they sell!

Due to the disconnect between nature and modern medicine, natural medicine was born. Rather than looking forward through science to stronger drugs, natural medicine looks backward in time to see what plants remedied humans in the past with their illnesses. One class of these plants in ancient ayurvedic medicine are commonly known today as adaptogens–– plants that are known to help you adapt to daily stress. The drugs in these plants are not mind altering or addictive like many pharmaceuticals prescribed today. They rather offer a gentle nudge in the direction of healing. Of the adaptogens we offer here at Kare~N~Herbs, one of our most popular herbs is in our Energy Kare packages which contain 200mg of Rhodiola rosea–– a powerful adaptogen known for thousands of years to boost energy and improve the well-being of those who take it. Ironically, due to its successful use in natural medicine, many pharmaceutical companies have begun to investigate the herb to determine the compounds which give it its properties. Who knows, we may have a new chemical miracle on our hands!

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The Adaptogen Experts at Kare~N~Herbs

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