Kare-N-Herbs ashwagandha Natural Remedies AdaptogensModern day medicine is more powerful than it ever has been in all of human history–– for both better and worse. Today, people are trained to understand that medicines can have both a dark side and a light side by varying the amount of the drug you take. No doubt, in appropriate dosages, modern medicines are capable of doing miraculous things to treat ailments. However, in inappropriate dosages, modern medicine can turn on you and become quite dangerous.

Of the many different types of drugs used today, none more clearly show this phenomenon than opioids. The original opioid, morphine, is found naturally in poppy seeds. Morphine is used to treat chronic pain in patients who have no other option. In appropriate dosages, morphine is able to do just this. However, in higher dosages, morphine can halt breathing and cause you to lose consciousness––not to mention be quite addictive. Scientists have even gone further and created similarly structured new chemicals that work the same but are much stronger. Take, for example, fentanyl, an opioid that has been making national headlines. Fentanyl is nearly 100 times more potent than morphine! The division between beneficial and dangerous is becoming increasingly blurry within modern medicines.

However, medicines do exist that are incapable of causing harm to you while only providing benefits. These medicines are called adaptogens–– a title only given to plants and herbs worthy of the name. Adaptogens work effectively at improving your health by providing a normalizing effect. Rather than the potentially dangerous shove of modern medicines, adaptogens gently dust you off, and guide you towards better health. For this reason, no adaptogen has ever been observed to cause harm to health–– not even in ridiculously large dosages.

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